Why is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth may need to be removed for different reasons like tooth decay, infection, crowding and cysts. In most of these cases, you might find that the wisdom teeth cannot erupt properly in the proper direction due to lack of space. This can cause several other issues and makes it difficult for partially erupted wisdom teeth to be cleaned and brushed. Find out much more reasons why this type of removal becomes necessary.

  • Food and bacteria can build up between the wisdom teeth and the adjacent molars which later causes severe decay and gum infection in them. Upper Wisdom teeth have a common tendency to lean sideways and vent against the cheek. Due to this pressure, a lot of pain is caused along with some ulcers formed in the mouth. If such issues are ignored then some tumors may also form from the wisdom teeth.
  • As stated, some of these wisdom teeth become impacted and thus crowd other teeth. This crowding then causes pain and swelling, especially when they erupt partially and push themselves right into the jawbone and gum tissue in the mouth. These are serious problems that not only affect your teeth but also the overall health too. Incomplete and wrongly erupted teeth can create deep pockets around themselves and thus allows the bacteria to form and increase the chances of getting an infection too.
  • Wisdom teeth do move within the jawbone as and when they erupt. If they move in the direction where the adjacent teeth roots are and apply equal pressure on them, then the roots will be affected seriously and will be infected soon. This will not only damage the tooth in the adjacent direction but will also have to perform a surgery on the affected roots.

Thus, when wisdom teeth start causing pain it means that you need to go in for a Wisdom Teeth surgery soon. Age is one of the most important aspects when it comes to risks and post-operatory care. And this is why most of the teenagers do not find this that painful as compared to the elders as the roots of a wisdom tooth in them are still developing. Do not worry since we will tell you when the best time for the wisdom teeth removal is.

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